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The launch of the Islamabad Travel Guide is scheduled for February 2016 in Islamabad and subsequently in London in March 2016. The Guide will be available for purchase soon on  Amazon and Islamabad Bookstores.

ISBN 9789692309608 - 10499

CCRA Publications have recently published a Travel Guide for diplomats, foreign nationals working and living in Islamabad on fixed term visas, visitors to Islamabad on business or holiday, overseas Pakistanis coming to the capital to attend weddings or meet family and friends and Pakistanis from other parts of the country who travel with their families to enjoy the natural beauty of the capital.

About the Book

The good thing about visiting the landmarks of Islamabad is that barring a few exceptions there are no entry tickets for museums and parks. Neither is there a distinction between foreign tourists and locals. However, on the downside printed information about landmarks is not always available at the tourist centres. This guidebook aims to fill the gap by providing as much background information as possible about Islamabad to make your visit a wonderful and enjoyable experience.


Before carbonated soft drinks invaded Planet earth, this natural fresh drink was the most refreshing and cool beverage in Pakistan. You can order a glass of freshly squeezed sugarcane juice in Golra only yards from the main entrancec to the Darbar. However, for visitors who avoid sugary drinks a cold glass of lassi is equally nutritious and refreshing. For more such travel tips order your own copy of 'Islamabad Travel Guide' today.


Table of Contents

Islamabad Travel Guide is has 10 sections. Section 1 provides an introduction to Islamabad, the place, people and system of governance. Section 2 opens a window into different aspects of life in the capital before you start packing your bags. Section 3 is about transport links and road conditions in Islamabad to help plan your local transport arrangements in advance. Section 4 contains information about accommodation facilities and where to book rooms for your stay.

Section 5 explains the visa process, booking your flights and immigration and customs clearance on arrival in Islamabad. Section 6 is about food and drink. It provides information about eating places where you can go for adventure food tasting, formal dining, fast food or take away. Section 7 contains information for the curious visitor who wants to know everything but is hesitant to ask. Section 8 is about shopping places, boutiques, public bazars and gift shops. Section 9 provides information about physical or social activities you might want to do while in Islamabad.

Section 10 provides information about sit seeing. For ease of journey planning, in this section site seeing places are grouped in four clusters. Each cluster can be covered in one site seeing session without taking you all over Islamabad in circles to visit the capital's landmarks. Finally, two sample site seeing programmes are annexed to the book for the lazy visitor who would rather have someone else put together a site seeing plan.


If you had only one day in Islamabad for site seeing, which places will you visit? Margalla sites, Shakarparian sites or places to the south and east of Constitution Ave? Confused? You should be because there is a lot to see and do in Islamabad. Let the Islamabad Travel Guide fix your itinerary?

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